"You call this a script? Give me a couple of $5000-a-week writers and I'll write it myself!" - Joe Pasternak, producer.

professional screenwriter for more than thirty years,  Robert Gosnell  has  credits in film, network television, syndicated  television and cable. He is
a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Writers Guild of Canada.

obert began his career writing situation comedy as a staff writer on  the ABC series Baby Makes Five. As a freelance writer, he wrote episodes for Too Close for Comfort and the TBS comedies Safe at Home and Rocky Road. In cable, he has scripted numerous projects for the Disney Channel, including Just Perfect, a Disney Channel movie featuring  Jennie Garth. In 1999, he wrote the  Showtime original movie, Escape from Wildcat Canyon, which starred Dennis Weaver. Robert's feature credits include the Chuck Norris/Lou Gossett Jr. film Firewalker.

In 1990, Robert left Hollywood for Denver, and became active in  the local independent film community.  In 1999, Denver's Inferno Films produced the movie Dragon and the Hawk based on his script. His screenplay Tiger Street was produced by the Pagoda Group of Denver, and  aired on Showtime Extreme in August of 2003.  His screenplay Siren, co-written with the film's star, Michele Fiore-Kaime, was produced in Las Vegas in  2005. In March of 2006, Denver's Front Range Films produced his script Juncture, which has acquired international distribution with Curb Entertainment, and is available at Blockbuster, Netflix, Hollywood Video and Amazon.com.
I'm well aware of the disparate opinions on the value of screenwriting classes. They run the gamut from "I can teach anyone to be a screenwriter" to "No one can teach someone to write." The truth, as usual, lies somewhere in between. No, I can't make someone a writer. It's either in the genes or it isn't.. But, I know firsthand the potential value of a writing class. In my early days in the craft, I benefited enormously from one.

So, I can't teach you talent, and I can't teach you discipline and I can't teach you tenacity. But, I can give you information, and I can give you insight, and maybe a little inspiration. The rest is up to you.
A Personal Note
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